My Wedding on the 
Let's make a Memory of a Lifetime!!!!
I'm Captain Robert L. Donley, your host and officiate during your wedding, and I am pleased to welcome you aboard Motoryacht "PANACEA". I hold a US Coast Guard Master 200 ton license and I have three decades of boating experience, so you can take comfort in the fact that I am well qualified to safely lead your wedding cruise of a lifetime.

I have owned boats since 1988, purchased the "PANACEA" in 1995, and became a licensed captain in 1998. I sought my license for the purpose of learning more about operating my own vessel, but through that experience, I discovered that I have a passion for providing leadership to the crew on a vessel and ensuring that passengers have a safe and fun experience aboard. I have since operated a variety of vessels of all sizes on which celebrations and parties of all types take place. I love providing people an avenue through which they can enjoy the beauty around our lake and our bay, in a fun, safe and entertaining way.
I am ordained and licensed to officiate at weddings, and will create a beautiful, memorable ceremony for you, whether you want it to be religious or secular. I will visit with you about your needs and wants, and my ceremony will reflect your tastes and desires. I do wear my captains uniform for the wedding ceremony. 
I look forward to making your wedding a memory of a lifetime!
Capt. Robert
"You know Lizzie, I am Captain of a ship. And being captain of a ship, I could in fact, perform a marriage, right here. Right on this deck. "Right now".
-Captain Jack Sparrow