My Wedding on the 
Let's make a Memory of a Lifetime!!!!
The Yacht is located at 800 Mariners Drive, Kemah Texas 77565, from I 45 take the League City exit and follow it to 
Admiralty Way (518 becomes 2094), please call for an appointment to see the yacht and rehearse for your wedding on the water. 

~~~~For safety reasons please have boat shoes or soft soul shoes on the Yacht~~~~

~~~~Don't forget your Marriage License....~~~~~

A 50% deposit will be required to hold your wedding date.
I will meet you at the Yacht,        we will go inside,                We will cruise to our                                                                                                                       destination and
                                                                                                        have a wedding **
Then we will take a cruise around Clear Lake and Galveston Bay while toasting our Champagne.
                                                                                                            The backdrop to your Wedding

Arrive any way you like.

Safety Briefing

When docking or undocking you will be asked to sit in a particular area and not to move for your safety. 

NO running, "horse play” or “rough housing”.

If a personal item is dropped blown overboard – DO NOT jump overboard. Alert the crew and we will do our best to retrieve your item.

Do not flush any foreign objects into the marine toilets. Anything other than human waste and the supplied toilet tissue will clog the system, render it useless and you will incur a charge to repair.

Report any injury to the crew immediately for first aid.

In case of any emergency, please follow the Captain’s directions immediately and precisely.   This may include donning life jackets and remaining in one particular area of the boat.

You will be shown the location and proper usage of the life jackets before we leave the dock.

Any passenger(s) who, in the Captain’s sole opinion, is unsafe and/or a danger to themselves or others will be brought to the nearest dock and ALL passengers will be required to disembark the yacht with no refund given. 

Our main concern is your safety!





         ** I am in blue jeans to say we can be casual, even shorts and flip flops if you wish, or the dress slacks and double breasted blazer with the gold braids on the sleeves.