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We hope one of the following FAQs helps to answer any question you may have about your special event aboard Panacea. If you have an additional question. please feel free to contact us for more information.  
How many people can Panacea hold? 
All charters are designed for 6 passengers. The number of people depends on the kind of event held on Panacea, but the boat is generally designed for small groups. Contact us for more details.  
Is Panacea wheelchair accessible?
Panacea, like most Yachts of it's size, is not wheelchair accessible, however, it does have features and amenities that enable us to accommodate people with disabilities or limited physical abilities. Contact us with specific questions.
What if the weather is bad?
If Mother Nature doesn't deliver weather suitable for Clear Lake or Galveston Bay. Panacea has a covered fly bridge and an elegant floor plan to accommodate. We have also partnered with Sundance Grill to provide back facilities. No matter what, your wedding day will be preserved in a beautiful location nestled under the oak trees at Waterford Harbor Marina.
What if my guests or I get seasick?
Generally, getting sick on the calm waters of Clear Lake or Galveston Bay is rare, but Panacea is prepared and stocked with several non-medication methods for preventing and controlling seasickness, including special wrist bands that apply gentle pressure to an acupressure point in the wrist that relieves nausea. There are several recommended ways to prevent and/or combat seasickness: 
*   Eat a light meal, non greasy meal the night before the cruise
*   Limit alcohol consumption the evening before the cruise
*   Take an over-the-counter preventive medication, like Dramamine, a few hours before the cruise
*   Get a lot of rest the evening before the cruise
*   Ask your doctor for a prescription medication that's suited for your personal needs. Then use it!
*   Bring products with ginger in them, such as ginger cookies, ginger ale and candied ginger, as it is proven, effective cure for most people suffering nausea caused by seasicknes
Should any guest became victim to "mal de mer" he or she will be shown appropriate areas of the vessel to "experience the symptoms" until they pass. 
Is alcohol consumption allowed on board Panacea?
Yes, Your celebration on board Panacea can include alcholic beverages served to those who are age 21 or older. While we encourage guest to enjoy their beverages and celebrate the occasion, we do insist on observing personal limits - not only out of respect for the couple and the sanctity of the occasion, but for safety reasons, as well. 
Can any of the packages be personalized?
Yes. My Wedding on the Water wants your day to be perfect and we are happy to offer price quotes for additional to any of the packages. Contact us for details.
What if there is a medical emergency?
Panacea and Captain Robert are fully equipped to handle almost any medical emergency. The captain is first-aid trained and CPR certified. VHF and cell phone communication are available on board if additional medical personnel are required - either on or off the vessel.
Can the bride get ready on the boat?
A stateroom is provided on board Panacea for the wedding party to use as a dressing room and get ready for the event.
Can we bring our own officiate?
Of course. Package pricing is based upon parties of 6; (unless other arrangements have been made).

"One of the best temporary cures for pride and affection is seasickness."
-Henry Wheeler Show